Dropbears Selection Panel

We are excited to announce the remaining members of the Australian National Quidditch Team Selection Panel, who will join the Head Coach Paul Harrison and Assistant Coach Luke Derrick in picking the Dropbears Squad for World Cup 2020.

Original Photos: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography and Courtney Buckley Photography

Nicholas Allan is currently affiliated with the Melbourne Manticores in Victoria, but started quidditch at UNSW seven years ago, and has played for many clubs in between, as well as having an extensive sports background outside of quidditch. He has played for the NSW State Team in the past, as well as winning two QUAFLs, and no fantasy team he has selected has ever lost a tournament. Nick was a member of the 2016 World Cup winning Dropbears squad as a beater, and is keen to help make it happen again in a non-playing role this time.

Simon Spann hails from the University of Sunshine Coast Quidditch Club in Queensland where he started playing in 2014. Picking quidditch over being a national level sprinter, he played for the Dropbears in 2018 as a chaser and seeker, as well as advising the team as a fitness and conditioning coach. A certified athletics coach himself, Simon is looking forward to selecting a team with the dedication to reclaim the gold.

Samantha Chittenden began playing with the University of Sydney Quidditch Club in 2015, eventually becoming coach in 2016 and captain from 2017-18, and now moving on to coach the North Sydney Nightmares Quidditch Club this year. Sam has also been a member of the NSW State Team since 2016, a Dropbears reserve in 2016/18, and NSW selector in 2017/19. Between all the fantasy, club, and state teams she has selected and led, Sam boasts an impressive number of gold medals, and will be looking to add another to the tally at Richmond next July.

Nathan Morton‘s involvement in quidditch dates back to 2013 where he began playing with the Monash Muggles. Having attended every single QUAFL and every single Victorian tournament since then (bar Mudbash 2014), he has also been a member of and selector for the Victorian State Team since its inception and a member of the Dropbears squad in 2014, 2016, and 2018 (initially as a chaser, and more recently as a beater). Now playing for Willows Quidditch Club, Nathan’s extensive experience and mastery of all positions will be of great utility in selecting the team who can reclaim the gold.

Stephen Butler is one of the most experienced selectors in Australia. Having started out with University of Western Sydney/WSQC in 2012, he has been involved as a selector for fantasy tournaments in all three major Eastern states for many years, with a number of medals to show for it. Now with Macquarie University Quidditch Club, Stephen has also been a selector for the NSW State Team since 2017. With many years involved in high level competitive quidditch, Stephen knows the attitude required of players in order to create a winning team.

Further information regarding Dropbears selection camps and training camps including a general timeline will be released shortly. Written applications for players will open next week.