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Steam Community :: Guide :: X3:TC for Dummies
    Jan 18, 2013 · X3:TC for Dummies has been designed with brand new players of the X universe in mind and comes with all the necessary information required to get started and good hints to get successful even faster. The inspiration of this guide …

HQ Plot (Page 1 of 1) - Roguey's X3TC site
    HQ Plot Walkthrough (Bala Gi's Legacy) (Page 1 of 1) Written by Spike, As one of the original plotlines, only very early versions of the game have appreciable bugs. However, if you have mods, it is possible that they may introduce problems with the plot.

[X3TC]What's a good place for the HQ? : X3TC
    The only thing I ever use the HQ for is producing ships. I don't let the NPC dock there to buy anything. I never put any weapons or shields or any ware that isn't involved is ship production at the HQ. I save all the room I can for ship building resources. And I supply those resources from a megacomplex somewhere near the HQ.

Guide to the Corporations (Page 2 of 7) - Roguey's X3TC site
    Guide to the Corporations (Page 2 of 7) Written by Deadbeat_Spinn, Last update May 31st, 2010, There are eight Corporations belonging to the various main races scattered thoughout the universe. The Headquarters that each Corporation calls home are easily recongnizable due to their size and rarity.

Steam Community :: Guide :: X3TC: Getting started for ...
    Aug 02, 2016 · X3: Terran Conflict. ... Fly out ot Legend's Home to OTAS HQ and buy a Docking Computer - This module will automatically dock your ship when you send a docking request within 5k of the docking clamps. ... as far as I can tell, this is an excellent guide on how to get started quickly on the trader route. Really excited to keep messing around for ...

[Guide] The TC Main Plot Walkthroughs. -
    May 15, 2004 · This is a cut down version of my previous walkthrough guide that contains only the basics of each plot. ... The plot reward is in the cargo hold of the Orca, in the form of the station kit for the Player Headquarters. Last edited by apricotslice on Mon, 15. Jun 09, 00:55, edited 1 time in total. ...

X3 Terran conflict (X3TC) on ENG.X3TC.NET: knowledge base ...
    X3 Terran conflict (X3TC) - finale part of space game from Egosoft. On our website you can find detaled information about this game: knowledge base, properties of …

X3: Terran Conflict - Plot Walkthroughs (**SPOILERS**) : X3TC
    So I was playing TC again for a while, recently started modding a little beyond just Bounce and the bonus pack and thought I'd try this. So far I've used a tool that's supposed to disable the GOD system from removing stations on both TC and AP, and installed the TC plots for AP 3.1 mod with the 3.2 patch.

Good Factory Locations - X3: Terran Conflict
    Ive already placed factories in all the locations suggested inthe guide of the egosoft forums, and today Im gonna work on placing all the factories mentioned in the game manual. Im not too lazy as to not go looking myself, but Id still appreciate some examples from experienced players that might not be obvious to a beginner such as myself.

X3 Terran Conflict - Intro [HQ] - YouTube
    X3 Terran Conflict - Intro-- From the official EGOSOFT Tube -- with usWebsite: http://www.egosoft.comTwitt...

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