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X3: Terran Conflict - Plot Walkthroughs (**SPOILERS**) : X3TC
    Includes: Terran plot, Operation: Final Fury, The HUB, Goner plot, PHQ (Personal Headquarters) plot, and A New Home (Aldrin plot). These are just basic walkthroughs. Terran Campaign walkthrough (detailed) - forum link. A New Home (Aldrin) plot walkthrough (more detailed) - forum link. You can start this after completing the Terran and Goner ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: X3:TC for Dummies
    Jan 18, 2013 · X3: Terran Conflict. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. X3: Terran Conflict > Guides > Techno's Guides . 671 ratings. X3:TC for Dummies. By Techno and 1 collaborators. X3:TC for Dummies has been designed with brand new players of the X universe in mind and comes with all the necessary information required ...

[Guide] The TC Main Plot Walkthroughs. -
    May 15, 2004 · This is a cut down version of my previous walkthrough guide that contains only the basics of each plot. ... in the form of the station kit for the Player Headquarters. Last edited by apricotslice on Mon, 15. Jun 09, 00:55, edited 1 time in total. ... Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude - Technische Unterstützung ↳ X³: Terran Conflict / Albion ...

Terran Plot (Page 1 of 3) - Roguey's X3TC site
    The Terran Plot begins immediately if you begin as the Terran Defender. Otherwise, you have to complete the bridging mission to access it; - Bridging mission, The Sol Incident You begin by getting a message from Lt Samuel Plinter, a USC Commander in Uranus sector with your patrol assignment. Fly there and talk to him to begin the plot.

Steam Community::X3: Terran Conflict
    This is a guide I wrote four years ago and covers the very basics of modding / scripting / generally editing X3: Terran Conflict by EGOSOFT. Originally it was only released on the official forums. While it may be somewhat outdated due to its age, most info...

X3 Terran Conflict - Intro [HQ] - YouTube
    Jun 01, 2010 · X3 Terran Conflict - Intro-- From the official EGOSOFT Tube -- with usWebsite: http://www.egosoft.comTwitt...Author: Egosoft

Bala Gi Missions (Page 1 of 7) - Roguey's X3 site
    The Bala Gi missions are a set of new missions added in patch 2.00.1 for X3 (Page 1 of 7).

EGOSOFT · Games · X³: Terran Conflict · Info
    X³: TERRAN CONFLICT Computer games developer Egosoft and Koch Media, a leading distributor of games and application software, today announced the conclusion of an exclusive publishing and distribution agreement for the title X³: Terran Conflict.X³: Terran Conflict will be released under the Deep Silver label. "The X series has always been one of our top quality brands, and an integral part ...

Let's Play X3 Terran Conflict - Part 1 - ein Neustart ...
    Mar 29, 2013 · ein Neustart meines LPs von X3 Terran Conflict. Diesmal wird alles komplett Vanilla (also ohne ***modified***) gespielt und ich werde auch nichts offscreen t...Author: UFeindschiff

Valhalla - X3 Wiki
    In the literature, the Valhalla is classified as an M0 Battleship, but as there is no actual M0 classification in X3: Terran Conflict, it appears in-game as an M2 Destroyer. Background . The Valhalla is the AGI Task Force's flagship and mobile command centre. Nothing moves in Terran space without the Valhalla knowing, and nothing strikes more ...

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