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Player Headquarters Plot (Index) - Roguey's X3AP site
    A walk-walk-through of the Player headquarters Plot in Albion Prelude (X3AP), written by Roguey.

Player Headquarters Plot (Page 1 of 4) - Roguey's X3AP site
    Before X3AP v2.0 there was no way to get your own player headquarters (or PHQ for short). You will also gain the Unfocused Jumpdrive which will allow you to explore random sectors .. To trigger the PHQ plot you will need to meet the following requirements: Started with game Albion plot enabled, then completed the Albion plot, A Teladi rank of Majority Shareholder (or higher),

Player Headquarters Plot - X3 Wiki (English) - Egosoft ...
    Jun 28, 2016 · If flying an M6 (like the one received from the Albion Prelude Main Plot) the attack waves will not be a threat assuming they even survive long enough to get to the player ship. When docked at the NMMC Headquarters there is some dialog about how the stolen Plutarch information contains evidence of illegal operations by PMC which is forwarded to ...

X3 Albion Prelude - Player HQ Plot - YouTube
    Dec 21, 2019 · Player HQ plot walktrough -- Watch live at SoulStorm-Mediaâ„¢

Best HQ Sector :: X3: Albion Prelude General Discussions
    Jun 28, 2013 · So which sector do you guys like to put your player HQ in? Personally I like Contorted Dominion. ... I actually did not play this game for a year waiting for the addition of the plots so that i could put my headquarters there. ... X3: Albion Prelude > General Discussions > Topic Details. Date Posted: Jun 28, 2013 @ 1:21am.

[Guide] The Long Awaited Player Headquarters and other ...
    May 15, 2004 · The Long Awaited Player Headquarters and other Version 2 Additions The following is a collection of writings, taken from various guides and put together in a single place so that all of the game changes made in the version 2 patch can be seen in one place.

Buyable PLAYER HQ script? :: X3: Albion Prelude General ...
    Feb 04, 2017 · X3: Albion Prelude. ... If you have Albion Prelude, I have not only this fixed but a "Working" Bunch of scripts/addons, ... Edge, the new start menu also lets you start a game with any ships you may wish to start with so simply "Enable" 'Player HQ' in the start menu, give yourself a Mammoth (* or Ryu ;) *) and when you start he'll have a fresh ...

[X3AP/LU] Player Headquarters/Equipment Docks : X3TC
    The PHQ (player Headquarters), only available in Cloudbase South East, I use for my main base. There I can concentrate all my ships and loot, my boarded ships before I can refit and integrate them into my fleet (or disassemble them for materials). There I can produce ships, reverse engineer them, repair. I can also mass fit ships there.

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