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where did you place your headquarters ?? (x3 reunion ...
    Jun 25, 2008 · how do i get the player headquarters in x3 reunion? Top. mystikmind2005 Posts: 1692 Joined: Wed, 14. Jun 06, 08:44. Post by mystikmind2005 » Mon, 8. Mar 10, 03:27 Brian Poarch wrote:how do i get the player headquarters in x3 reunion? See the link here;

Player Headquarters Plot (Page 1 of 4) - Roguey's X3AP site
    Player Headquarters Plot (Page 1 of 4) Introduction In this plot you will gain access to the player Headquarters - a unique building which allows you to build your own ships, colour them and store wares. Before X3AP v2.0 there was no way to get your own player headquarters (or PHQ for short).

X3: Reunion - E30 - The Headquarters Finale - YouTube
    Apr 30, 2015 · X3: Reunion is the fourth game to take place in the X-Universe. It picks up right where X2 Left off, with Kyle Brennan in a coma while the Kha'ak continue to...Author: Afro Luigi

Player Headquarters - Apricot Mapping Service
    Version 2 Additions From the V2 readme file within the update patch. <> <> Bala Gi Research missions, enabling access to Player Headquarters station and new ships (Paranid Hyperion, Argon Eclipse, Split Chimera and Paranid Medusa) through a set of exciting missions. Player Headquarters (see detailed description further below). Two new sectors have been added: “Senator’s Badlands” (Yaki ...

[X3LU] How do you get the player HQ? : X3TC
    It’s available to buy at a shipyard, ptni I think, or maybe cloud base south east. Check the encyclopedia. I don’t remember if you need race rep but it will tell you.

New Player Headquarter - X3 Terran Conflict - Mods - The X ...
    New Player Headquarter model are about half less polygon count:----- New Player Headquarter model are about - 65K polygons. Vanilla Headquarter model are about - 144K polygons. ... X3 Reunion: X3 Terran Conflict: X3 Albion Prelude: X Rebirth: X Rebirth Download. X2/X3 Downloads. World visitors map. Statistics. Links.

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