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    The Mafia built their headquarters on top of the jet of a continuously spewing giant geyser. How they managed to do this is a trade secret. The only two ways to get there are by cannon or hot air balloon, the latter of which is exclusive to Mafia members. Upon arrival, two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to open the door. Restaurant/Casino

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    Dec 09, 2017 · With the way Mafia Town is set up, if you get up there with any item, you can press down both buttons and open the door. The only 2 missions that have the cannon open are Heating Up Mafia Town, and Down With The Mafia. The rainy versions of Mafia Town are the same level, but with a different skybox, lighting, and rain.

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    Utilize the Time Stop hat whenever possible. You can easily kill one just after you spawn by dropping down immediately to where the group of birds are. Drop further down into the location of the first time piece to easily kill another 3 mafia (the one near the safe dies in 1 hit).

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    The Mafia Boss is the leader of the Mafia of Cooks, ruler of Mafia Town, and the second boss in A Hat In Time. He is found in the throne room of Mafia HQ, and is fought in the HQ's theater. His face can be found drawn on various walls in Mafia Town, sometimes vandalized, presumably by Mustache Girl. Later he appears on Hat Kid's ship as a jar full of purple goo, two eyeballs, has a mustache stuck on it and still wearing his hat.

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